About us



S.K Zafeiropoulos was established in 2002 and is based at Kaliani, Korinthos Greece.
We are active in livestock and meat production of our two basic products which are lambs and goats.
We are maintening barn facilities where we apply intensive animal production methods.
Our clientele empowers us in the Greek market with stability in the buying and selling livestock and meat.
Our animals are being raised from different farming systems, ensuring high meat production yields. The main volume of our livestock is coming from an intensive or semi intensive farming system combined with pastoral farming, utilizing natural meadows and pastures ensuring high yields. In order to cover high demand, we also breed non pastoral (static) farming systems.
Our company is active mainly in Greece but exports meat to Cyprus, Italy and Spain.
We provide excellent livestock and meat quality, keeping the highest hygiene and breeding standards and we will be delighted to meet you so as you can observe and enjoy the quality of our products.